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Boost the efficiency of your systems, learn your limits, and maximize your performance today with our innovative tool.

Subject your system to a check-up

Experience the benefits of AI-powered cluster analysis and learn more about the boundaries where the model fails.

Benefit from strong results

VALICY helps reduce the number of loops per development layer, thus countering further iterations earlier and faster.

easy integration

The VALICY customer communication always uses the VALICY REST-API for a standardized and secure communication. After full virtual validation run, the resulting certainty is available along with all the run results.

Learn more about the validation of systems!

This is how VALICY tests your system:

  • Validation of AI systems for safety-critical applications is essential to prevent serious consequences.
  • Challenges include comprehensive testing, understanding decision-making processes, and managing dynamic systems.
  • VALICY offers a systematic approach to identify decision hyperplanes and conduct virtual validation using black box testing.
  • Validation of AI systems with safety in mind and involving domain experts in the validation process is crucial.
  • Continuous monitoring and updates are necessary for ongoing compliance with safety requirements.
  • VALICY requires minimum parameters for evaluating black box applications, including dimensions of features and labels, thresholds, and certainty targets.
  • The workflow involves rasterized scans of the n-dimensional hyperspace with evolutionary algorithms and AI-generated inputs.
  • VALICY is implemented as a cloud application with a next-generation frontend for recognizing critical decision hyperplanes and reporting issues to data scientists and developers.

VALICY offers you the opportunity for continuous improvement. Fully automatic and absolutely secure. Utilize VALICY for any imaginable complex system and experience pushing the boundaries.



290 /monthly*
  • 1 System
  • 1 account @ VALICY frontend
  • any scenarios per system
  • 10 jobs / monthly
  • 10,000 runs per job
  • sequential processing of the jobs
  • Standard Assistance**


920 /monthly*
  • 1 System
  • 5 accounts @ VALICY frontend
  • any scenarios per system
  • 50 jobs / monthly
  • 20,000 runs per job
  • sequential processing of the jobs
  • GitLab integration
  • Standard Assistance**

* All prices stated are exclusive of 19% VAT.

** All assistance services are billed at a rate of 170 €/hour plus 19% VAT, based on the service provided, to ensure you receive top-notch service and optimal results.

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